What are you planning to do with your yoga teaching credentials? How do people turn their love of yoga into a means for supporting themselves? How can I be a yoga teacher but still afford creature comforts, vacations, etc? 

I work with yoga teachers to identify how yoga best fits into their lives. We develop a plan for how to make yoga take a more central stage in their life. Sometimes this includes making a plan for the transition from traditional employment to yoga employment. I have strategies so that this transition need not included eating ramen for dinner every night, and that in a few short years you'll be earning a comfortable income from your yoga business. Your dreams are very possible!

Business as Yoga

Yoga is a holistic practice that unites mind, body and spirit. If you're pursuing a dream of being a yoga teacher, you probably want your business to match these values. Given the consumerist world we live in, it may seem that business and yoga philosophy make strange bedfellows. This need not be the case! Let me help you make your business not only involve the teaching of yoga but also the practice of yoga. Yoga is an amazing tool for finding strength and ease in your business. 

Yoga Business Experience

I have seven years experience practicing yoga in business. I started with three years as Studio Manager and Director of Fundraising for a non-profit yoga studio. Here I learned how to successfully apply yoga philosophy to the practice of operating a business. From there I experienced the conflict of yoga based business practices in corporate environments and came back around to my own business, and working with members of the yoga community on their businesses. I offer classes to the general public that sneakily (and blatantly) use yoga philosophy to improve their businesses. 

My experience in this field has given me knowledge of the history and direction of the industry. I would love to bring my experience to your practice!

Yoga-centric Offerings

The Growing Yoga Teachers Program

Join a cohort of yoga teachers all committed to furthering their understanding of how to teach yoga, and also turning yoga into a thriving business endeavor!  Read more on the Growing Yoga Teachers website, or join my email list for updates. 

Business Classes

I offer classes in an assortment of topics. For self-guided email based classes check out my instant offerings, including Where to Start?! Free Self Employment Online Course and Get Started Now! Free Pre-Coaching Prep Online Course. If you prefer a more hands-on learning experience, check out my class listings for upcoming Seattle-based and virtual learning experiences. 

One-on-one coaching

For the most fully customized experience, one-on-one coaching is the way to go! Weekly meetings are tailored not only to your business, but also to exactly what's weighing on your mind at the moment. Read more about what's involved in one-on-one sessions, or contact me to get started today!