Whether you've completed Buffini or Ninja, or if you're going it your own way, a little help will take your business further! Ensure you're leveraging your database for maximum impact, and you're following through consistently. A custom tailored approach will ensure you get the greatest results for your effort. Spend your time on marketing efforts that feel authentic to you and your network, rather than stressing about marketing projects that frustrate and discourage you, or even worse: don't lead to sales! 

A Solid Foundation for New Agents

There's a lot to do when you're just starting out, and it can be tricky to find your stride. You have to wrangle your database into a helpful tool, while building relationships within your network and delivering excellent customer service in current transactions. Learning to navigate the flow of peaks and valleys in the market is further complicated by trying to keep nurturing your pipeline even when it's peak sales season. 

I can help you:

  • build good habits that lead to sales

  • navigate relational sales strategies that lead to success

  • learn to mitigate the financial highs and lows of real estate transactions

  • find a healthy balance between work and life

Taking Your Sales to a Whole New Level

The first challenge of real estate is to make sales and earn your income. Once you get the handle on that, you're likely to arrive at a point where you want to grow your business further. What growth works for your business and when do you know you're ready to take the next step? Working with a coach clarifies these decisions and can tighten up your existing marketing habits so that you have the financial resources to make growth happen. 

I can help you:

  • streamline your existing marketing habits

  • fill in gaps in your referral generation strategy

  • create healthy boundaries between work and home life

  • navigate decisions about how your business should grow:

    • do you need an assistant?

    • do you want to pursue becoming a managing broker?

    • are there alternative income streams that you could leverage?

How to Get Started

No sure what coaching would look like? You're in luck! I offer a initial consultation free of charge! This is an opportunity to bring me up to speed on what you've already done and where you want to go. From there we'll develop a course of action that perfectly fits your needs. Book your consultation conveniently online!

Or, read more about ongoing coaching.