Business coaching can take many different forms. Some may think of it like all the support of a business partner, without any of the negotiations, disagreements, or risk. I like to think I balance people and provide an invaluable outside perspective. 

During ongoing coaching we would meet weekly (usually) to work towards your goals. (A part of this may also include sussing out what goals are the right goals or which goals you truly want to be pursuing.) We go over what's going on with your business and discuss any challenges, areas of non-progress, or frustrations. We develop practices tailored to your work-style that will dismantle sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back.

Rather than tell you want to do, I'll work with you to discover effective solutions to your problems. You know your business best, and more often than not you have the solutions, you may just need some help finding them or a new perspective that can see them more clearly. In addition to helping you suss out solutions, I will also hold you accountable to the transformative practices you've committed to.  

The main work I do is to help you change habits. Personal growth like this is an inherently long-term process, which doesn't provide you much value if you don't push through the tough stuff and complete it. This is why I ask for an initial 3-month minimum commitment if you choose me as your coach after our free initial consultation session. After the initial commitment, we continue on a month-to-month basis. Schedule your free initial consultation session today!

Read more about my specific philosophy towards business coaching, or learn more about ongoing coaching. Have a specific question or concern? That’s what my specialized sessions are great for!