My Non-Profit experience includes a six year career, plus at least as many years as a volunteer and board member in various non-profits. I’ve contributed extensively to the mission of five different non-profits.

I thoroughly understand the heart of this industry. Mission driven organizations bring incalculable rewards. There are also a fair amount of challenges and pitfalls. How do we strike a balance in our budget between mission-driven programs and sustaining needs like staff pay, benefits, fundraising efforts, etc.

I’ve worked in fundraising and served on fundraising committees. There’s a lot to think about when considering fundraising. What can be donated, by whom? What strategy are we going to use: events, cold calls, direct-mail asks? How are we going to word our pitch to capture the urgency of our need without exhausting or numbing our community's empathy? I’ve helped many non-profits reach the answers to these questions, and I’m available to help you find the right answers for your organization.

I’m happy to help non-profits of every size and every stage of development. Here are some things this might look like:

  • you see a need but there’s not yet a non-profit in existence, and you’re interested in making it happen!

  • you own a business that you’d like to transition into a non-profit or you’d like to start a foundation related to your existing business.

  • you manage a non-profit that could benefit from organization and fresh ideas.

  • your non-profit’s fundraising committee has decided it’s time to throw your first fundraising event, and you’re looking for expertise to help out with that.

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