You're a smart person. You know what you need to do to make your dreams a reality. You might be staring down the barrel of a hefty "to do" list, or maybe you're at a loss as to what to do first? Working one-on-one with a coach is like wearing a jet pack. What needs to happen becomes clear and achievable. Each week you make progress and soon that "to do" list will be all checked off. And when you run out of things to do, I'll be right there with more ideas that will keep your business thriving. 

Contact me now about a Free Assessment Session!

The Free Assessment Session is integral to the way I coach. This our chance to figure out if we work well together. As much as I want to learn about your business, you should learn about my coaching style. Learn about how I coach, and try to get as much out of the session as possible. Coaching is best viewed as a long-term investment since it hinges on a process of personal growth, but I expect you’ll see the benefit opportunities immediately. And, if you don’t see the benefit, then I’m super glad we figured that out!


Coaching is most typically a weekly 60 minute session held in person at my office. Sessions can be shorter or longer, less frequent or more frequent, depending on what works for you. Sessions can also be held using Skype/Google Hangout or over the phone. I'm happy to discuss any creative scheduling options at your Free Initial Consultation.


$600/month - this assumes weekly 60 minute sessions, but alternative structures can be accommodated.  

I'm happy to now be able to offer a sliding scale, please inquire for more information. I'm also open to creative payment structures, e.g. an annual event might pay a small monthly fee, then a larger lump when the event occurs. If you're interested in coaching, contact me and we'll figure out what works for both of us. 


If your sessions are not over the phone or using Google Hangout, then we'll be meeting at my office in SoDo. Please do not visit the office without an appointment.


The Fine Print

Want to know more about the details of my practice? Learn more about my cancellation policy and the coaching agreement we'll sign on my Policies and Disclaimers page