Resumes and cover letters are an essential part of any career change or job hunt. Most of us don't practice making resumes and cover letters in our spare time. They're something we dig up from the depths of a hard drive or filing cabinet and dust off when it's time to find that new position. (Or maybe your last resume has gotten completely lost to the passage of time!)

I offer these sessions that don't take the typical "coaching" approach. Sessions can be arranged as needed, and are NOT subject to my initial session free policy. 

Unlike most people, my experience with resumes and cover letters is lengthy. For over a year, I held a position that required an average of a resume/cover letter per week on behalf of various people in the company. Since then I've coached many people through the process of writing their own resumes and cover letters. I have a straight forward formula that will allow you to create cover letters with ease, and an exacting eye for trimming your resume into tip-top shape. 

Since I'm a coach, I don't do the work for you. We work together and you get hands on experience modifying your resume or cover letter. By guiding you through the process you'll more quickly be able to write excellent resumes and cover letters with out any help. Some clients have been able to reapply my strategy after only one session. 

If you're interested in a little help on your resume or cover letter don't hesitate to contact me

Starter Resume Packages

Writing a resume from scratch? Don't know where to start on a cover letter? We can built it from the bottom up!

  • Resume from scratch: package of 2 hours of sessions = $165
  • Cover letter from scratch: package of 3 hours of sessions = $250
  • (I recommend having a polished resume BEFORE creating a cover letter from scratch.) 
  • Use my contact me page to schedule your Starter Resume or Cover Letter Package today!

Refresher Resume Packages

If you've already got a resume or cover letter started we can jump in with polishing it up to put your best foot forward! These packages assume you've got a complete version of the document. These sessions could be used to polish a general resume or tailor it to a specific position listing. 

  • Resume brush up: 1 hour session = $150
  • Cover letter brush up: 1 hour session = $150
  • Use my contact me page to schedule your Refresher Resume or Cover Letter Package today!

Additional Help

If I've already worked with you to create a complete resume or cover letter, we can work together again to tailor that resume or cover letter to a different position listing. As a returning client, you get a discounted rate! And, when you land an interview, I can help you get prepared for that at the same great discounted rate!

  • Resume or Cover letter follow-up session (maximum 1 hr) = $90
  • Interview prep = $90 per hour
  • Use my contact me page (or reply to one of my emails) to schedule your follow-up or interview prep sessions today!

Interview Support Only

If you're already landing interviews, there's probably not an issue with your resume or cover letter. If the interviews aren't turning into job offers, you probably need to hone your interview technique.  

  • Interview Support Only Session = $150
  • Includes: 
    • 15-30 min phone consultation
    • 30 min mock interview, in person
    • 30 min interview debrief, teach and practice new skills
    • written notes and other materials to help you cement what you learned
  • Use my contact me page (or reply to one of my emails) to schedule your follow-up or interview prep sessions today!



Individual sessions can be in person at my office in Pioneer Square, or over Google hangout. I find in person sessions far more productive, and prefer them if possible. 


I know job hunts can turn on a dime, and I do my best to accommodate that. I will do my best to fit you into my schedule. Please understand that I may not be able to accommodate all short notice interviews, or resume and cover letter needs. Please contact me as soon as possible in order to have the most successful scheduling experience. Should you misplace my email address you can always use the form on my contact page