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Do you know who is going to buy your services?

Do you know the right things about them?

If you get to know your Ideal Client, you'll have the answers to these questions and be able to convey a much more compelling marketing message, leading to increased sales across any channel.

Sometimes we get caught considering demographic information. While this is part of what makes up your ideal client, it's not the crux of the issue. Your ideal client is specific. Your ideal client is defined by needing your help, and you can speak to them more effectively the better you understand their specific problem. Identifying your Ideal Client is all about cutting through the noise to speak to the people who most perfectly need your precise help.

In this course you will:

  • identify many different aspects that describe your Ideal Client

  • hone in on the key aspects that matter for your business

  • codify your Ideal Client so it's easy to work into future marketing projects

This is an important foundational course for almost all of my other marketing related courses including: Marketing Your Business, Clarifying Your Message and Building Your Website, Talking About Your Business: Your Elevator Speech.

This course is designed for self-employed businesses that provide a service. This is applicable before or after having your first client. The service you provide could be provided online or in person. 


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