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Group Coaching for Private Practice: Consultants, Coaches, Therapists, etc. - October

Being in business for yourself can be hard. You have to address the needs of your clients, but also find time to promote your business in order to find your next client. What should you be doing to find more clients? What marketing works (and without breaking the bank?) How do you stay enthusiastic when you're the only one creating the momentum? Group coaching can be an excellent way of getting customized expert guidance for your business with a community of peers who are going through a similar experience. 

With group coaching you can:

  • have a consistent stream of clients
  • find joy and stability in what you're doing
  • run your business on your terms, but with support and camaraderie  

Group coaching is a weekly one hour call facilitated by coach Maggie Karshner, and attended by other self employed business owners like you. Sessions are tailored to the concerns and interests of the group. Groups are kept small enough to ensure every attendee gets a chance to be heard, and their concerns get a chance to be addressed. Maggie's specialty is guiding you towards developing the right systems for you. 

Subject matter covered will include:

  • identifying your ideal client
  • writing or improving website content
  • sales pitches and calls to action
  • marketing strategies in real life and online
  • how to network successfully
  • using social media to cultivate new clients
  • how to actively cultivate referrals
  • balancing marketing with client tasks
  • task tracking, management and prioritization
  • keeping up enthusiasm when it's only you

These group coaching sessions are held every week on Friday at 2:30pm for an hour via conference call. You register for a month of group coaching at a time. Group coaching includes unlimited email support and a discounted rate on a la carte one-on-one coaching sessions.