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Business, Ethics, and Social Justice Salon

  • Urban Worklofts - suite #414 3250 Airport Way South Seattle, WA, 98134 United States (map)

As a business coach I sometimes feel my ideals and my work are in opposition. It's necessary to operate within this capitalistic system we find ourselves in, and yet, I'd rather a more empathetic and less oppressive system replace capitalism. How do we balance playing the game (so that we have a livelihood) with dismantling the whole apparatus (so that our society has a better future)? This is a question that nags my mind. If it nags at yours too, please join me.

This event takes the format of a Salon - a space for face to face discussion. We will have multiple discussion topics generated by YOU, the attendees, so you're guaranteed to be a part of something you're interested in.

You don't have to know a lot (or anything!) about business. Every consumer comes into contact with businesses and your perspectives are valuable! Business owners of all sizes, scale and amount of experience are invited. While I am interested in actionable solutions, I also value understanding the problem and I'd exepect the discussion will not move quickly towards solutions because this is not an easy problem and it deserves time taken to examine it.

My intention is to offer a frame work for conversation to spring from, so that attendees can revel in the generative and connecting effects of face to face discussion. I'm only scheduling this one event for the moment, but do hope to hold additional events in this fashion. Please buy the "I cannot attend" ticket if you'd like to be notified of future events.

Attendees, the event is free, but please "buy" a ticket so I know who to expect!

Event photo by Ben Mater on Unsplash