Purpose Clarity Session

clarifying the “why” of your business in 60 minutes or less


What is It?

This is a coaching session for those who are needing help clarifying their unique gifts and better understanding how they fit into a business. I help by guiding you through the Clarity Building Process giving you insight that will help you understand what your dream business needs to do in order to support your gifts.

At the end you will have a first draft of a purpose statement. This is closer to a personal mission statement than a business’ mission statement, and for self-employed business owners a personal mission statement is possibly MORE important than one for your business.



  • insight into your motivations

  • clarity on what direction your dream business should take

  • motivation to make your dream a reality


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(Session can be held in person or remotely via phone, skype or google hangout.)


Wait! I need more info!

Great! Since you’ve found my website you have a ton of information at your disposal. Feel free to peruse and you can book your Purpose Clarity Session from any of the big red “Book an Appointment” buttons. Here are links to things you might find interesting:

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