Ah events. There's so much work leading up to them. All the planning, getting everything in order, orienting staff, etc. And then the night/day/weekend is over. In my opinion the mark of a well planned event is if the organizers are enjoying the event they've planned, and this is a goal I have achieved. I've produced 6 fundraising events, 1 national dance event, a handful of regional events, and countless weekly dance events. I work most frequently with events that have a gross budget in the $20,000 - $30,000 range.

I've produced or contributed to the planning of more than 5 non-profit auctions which are highly complicated events due to the end of night matching of donors with their purchases. Planning venue, food, entertainment, and registration is complex enough, In addition attendees bid on items which, ideally, they pay for at the end of the night, just minutes after the auction events have ended. And of course, you want a record of all this in case their are disputes, and to help plan for next year, right? This is no easy task. In reality it takes a team of people working for months to plan it, long hours leading up to the event, and a well trained team processing the auction purchases at the event. I've don't this countless times in countless ways and I'm happy to work with you and your team to make an exceedingly successful event. 

As an attendee of dance weekends for the past 10 years, I threw my hat into the ring in 2013 and produced Rain City Blues, a blues dance weekend in Seattle, WA attracting local, national, and international dancers alike. My co-owner and I planned it so carefully we had nothing to do at the event other than enjoy it. In addition, our attendees raved about the event and we turned a small profit. Financial success is rare for blues dance events and even more rare in someone's first year. I would love to work with other dancers of any style who are throwing events of any size to help their events be equally successful. This is my way of spreading the love of dance. 

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